Is Android still superior to iOS

It has been a decent year for Android, considering the most recent reports specify it has a 84.7% piece of the pie, yet with a bundle of contenders holding up in the wings there's no opportunity to lay on shrubs. So in 2016, what are the ten top reasons we feel that Android champions over iOS?


There is something for everybody on the Android stage. The sheer assortment of Android cell phones from producers like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola, LG, Huawei, ZTE, and others is amazing. You can get a conservative telephone, something with an immense touchscreen, a stylus, a pivoting camera, an edge screen, or even a physical console, for example, found on the Blackberry Priv. Specialty requests like double SIM are cooked for, and the lead gadgets are on the forefront with regards to specs. There's likewise highlights you can't get with Apple's gadgets, as microSD and removable battery. Yes, some Android makers have moved far from offering these additional items, yet the pleasant thing about choices is there are makers that still do.

A similar story exists to a great extent for the tablet advertise as well, with a wide range of various gadgets from the Pixel C to the Nexus 9, Xiaomi's tablets, Respect's tablets, Samsung Note tablets, and the rundown goes on.

Drawing in a tremendous scope of producers and giving them permit to run wild as far as creative ability has brought about the largest assortment of gadgets on any stage, notwithstanding obscuring the line amongst cell phone and tablet. Contrasted with the constrained iPhone and iPad lineup, Android speaks to decision on an excellent scale.

Of course, Apple has a couple sizes to offer, yet size is truly the main differentiator there. The iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Additionally, for instance, have practically the vast majority of similar specs with the fundamental distinction being screen size and determination. A similar general contention applies to the iPads, despite the fact that there are a bigger number of decisions than with the cell phone partners.

Costs to fit your needs

This actually takes after on from the principal point on our rundown. A wide assortment of gadgets with various outlines and specs implies that Android has something for you at pretty much any financial plan. The elite way of Apple's items distinct difference an unmistakable difference to the comprehensive way of Android. Nearly anybody can manage the cost of an Android telephone. It won't not be all-singing and moving, but rather there are strong spending alternatives that give individuals a genuine cell phone encounter.

This is considerably more valid in 2016 than it was the point at which we initially made this rundown in 2013. Not just do you have the Moto G line, however there's the Respect 5X, an assortment of BLU gadgets, OnePlus X and OnePlus 2, and even minimal effort leads like the Moto X Unadulterated Version and Nexus 5X. Interestingly, the iPhone and iPad are restrictively costly for some, however a spending Android gadget doesn't have to cost a great deal more than an old component telephone. What's more, on the off chance that you can stand to spend some place in the $150 to $300 ballpark, you can discover a handset that gives a close lead level involvement with only a couple of concessions so as to continue evaluating down.

Moderateness has been a key driver for Android strength worldwide and it keeps on being. On the off chance that you need premium gadgets that match and outperform the iPhone or iPad then you can discover them, however in the event that you need a spending gadget, then Android is truly your exclusive decision.


One of the solid purposes of Android has dependably been the level of customization it permits. While Apple needs to keep control of default applications with a specific end goal to keep up a homogenous programming and equipment encounter, Android gives you a chance to pick your own level of customization. This amplifies the distance from straightforward things like live backdrops, to option consoles, to custom ROM introduces.

Spoilers will dependably say just bad-to-the-bone nerds mind in regards to this level of customization, yet at the shallow end of the pool this isn't valid. A lot of iOS clients adored it when Apple began permitting outsider consoles and fundamental gadgets, and that all alone is evidence that this adaptability is the thing that individuals need.

A few makers are notwithstanding permitting complex equipment customization. Motorola has Moto Producer, LG has replaceable cowhide back plates, as does Xiaomi. Those are only a couple of cases of something Apple will never accomplish for you. View yourself as fortunate to have champagne gold and rose gold accessible… that is really progressive for Apple.


music-widgetsAndroid's gadgets have for quite some time been a credit to its contrasted with the static columns of symbols you find in iOS. Indeed, even Microsoft saw the preferred standpoint, building up the Live Tiles framework for Windows Telephone. Gadgets are still a noteworthy favorable position for Android over iOS. Basically, you can see the majority of the data you need initially on your home screen without firing up an application.

Also, yes, we know Apple presented gadgets last September. Have you seen those things? They are exceptionally restricted and live just on your notice range. Not the same! Android still wins here.


You can contend iOS does multi-entrusting all you need. Furthermore, it's actual, you can do different things without a moment's delay by exchanging applications forward and backward, yet that doesn't draw close to the level of multi-entrusting some Android telephones offer.

Take Samsung for instance, which presented multi-window long prior, in which you can see various applications without a moment's delay. A lot of different producers have additionally been doing this for a considerable length of time, regardless of the possibility that we will concede this is one territory where stock Android falls behind.

Then, Apple is playing get up to speed by embracing comparative components, a change that occurred in 2015. The majority of Apple's multi-entrusting highlights likewise stay constrained to the tablet domain for now, in any case, and when they truly convey it to the following level, it's genuinely likely that even Google's "stock" vision for Android will offer some type of multi-window route.


Get an iPhone, sit by another iOS client and look at your home screens. Goodness hold up, they appear to be identical! That is not the story with Android.

In the event that you need control over how your Android cell phone or tablet looks then you've most likely gone for a custom launcher. You can look over a wide assortment of custom launcher applications in Google Play and change everything from your home screen design, to your page moves, to impacts and even motions. There's no hazard required with launcher applications and you can truly open up a universe of potential outcomes.

A launcher likewise is useful for those occasions where you cherish a handset however perhaps aren't so enthusiastic about the producer's custom interface. A launcher goes far in these sorts of circumstances. What's more, on the off chance that you are the kind who appreciates the flexibility of Android in any case pines for the looks managed by iOS or Windows — even launchers help you accomplish a comparative look and feel.

Custom ROMs

You can really supplant the product that accompanied your gadget with a custom ROM in the event that you need to. This is basically introducing another working framework and numerous Android clients do it on the grounds that their bearer or maker is ease back to move up to the most recent form of the Android stage, however you may likewise improve execution or to access some additional items or apparatuses. This is certainly the outrageous end of Android customization and you have to practice a little alert to guarantee that you don't keep running into inconvenience. All things considered, the length of you can take after an instructional exercise and your gadget is bolstered, the advantages can be tremendous.

For hell's sake, there's even approaches to introduce totally unique working frameworks on some Android gadgets, for example, Ubuntu, Firefox OS, Sailfish, and the rundown goes on.

Google combination

A few years back we talked about why Google and Android will beat Apple and iOS, and this particular subject is still one of the primary reasons. Android gadgets coordinate flawlessly with Google's variety of administrations. Individuals are progressively utilizing their cell phones to go on the web and Google is lord of the web. Google Docs, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Music, Google+, Google Chrome… the rundown goes on, and Apple and iOS are not keeping up.

Certainly, numerous Google administrations are currently in iOS, yet that profound level of combination basically isn't there. Furthermore, this is an essential component, on the grounds that the vast majority of us utilize maybe a couple… or three or 10 Google administrations. You need these to work flawlessly, and Android offers that.

Google Now

This emerges from the horde of Google administrations and, while the fabulous voice look has been moved into the Google iOS application, there are components of Google Now that you can just appreciate on Android. When we look to our innovation to push things forward and offer genuine comfort supports to day by day life, the prescient and pre-emptive nature of Google Now as it tries to satisfy your longings before you think to inquiry, could be really progressive.

Whether Google Now is superior to Siri or not keeps on being subjective, however. This is still a matter of inclination, however here at Android Power we trust Google Now is more direct and to the point, which is something we as a whole search for when finding the privilege advanced associate. With Marshmallow, there's additionally a lot of new usefulness advancing over, for example, Google Now on Tap.

All the more free applications and recreations

It might be a twofold edged sword, yet you can't get away from the way that there are sans more applications and diversions on Android than there are on iOS. Now and then ports of the same applications that conveyed a sticker price on iOS are free on Android. There additionally is by all accounts a more noteworthy readiness to seek after the freemium or promotion bolstered demonstrate.

Tragically, this might be, at any rate incompletely, down to robbery concerns and, while more hits are being ported over, the capacity to win more from iOS advancement still means all the more superb, premium applications and amusements discharge on iOS first. Android keeps on overwhelming and we have seen a change here, yet it stays one of Android's greatest difficulties.

The business moves quick, thus does Android

Bugs, slack, a terrible interface, an absence of applications – Android's shortcomings have been deliberately managed by a decided advancement group. The Android stage is unrecognizable contrasted and the primary discharge and it keeps on enhancing and develop at a quicker pace than the opposition.

That enormous client base and the extensive variety of makers delivering Android gadgets can just drive assist upgrades to more noteworthy statures. While iOS stagnates, deadened by the "in the event that it ain't broke don't settle it" school of considering, Android keeps on enhancing and enhance at a speedier rate. Consider it. Android embraced NFC to start with, and in addition unique finger impression perusers, and retina scanners, and portable installments, and better quality showcases. The rundown goes on.

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