Previous Ku Klux Klan pioneer and US alt-right hail race result

A previous Majestic Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan has bragged that the gathering's individuals played a "gigantic part" in Donald Trump's US presidential triumph.

"This is a standout amongst the most energizing evenings of my life," David Duke tweeted as the outcome was affirmed. "Depend on it, our kin have assumed a Gigantic part in choosing Trump!" He included Trump's crusade hashtag #MAGA, which remains for "Make America Incredible Once more".

Individuals from America's alt-right responded with joy to the news of Trump's triumph. The provocative traditionalist development, to a great extent dynamic on the web, has been nearly connected with Trump's battle.

"We just exploded the Demise Star!" tweeted the conservative radio moderator Alex Jones. He later retweeted a picture from the Wizard of Oz demonstrating the Underhanded Witch of the East smoothed by a house, with the inscription: "BREAKING video of #Hillary shows why she can't make a concession discourse to President Trump."

Michael Savage, a stun muscle head who was banned from entering the UK in 2009 as he was viewed as "liable to bring about between group strain or even savagery", posted on his Facebook page the message "WE DID IT", nearby a picture perusing: "Singed earth. Reestablishing the nation after Obama."

On Breitbart, a news site at the cutting edge of the alt-right development, the front-page feature announced: "Stun – and wonderful: Development of common Americans shock worldwide tip top."

Richard Spencer, who is president of the white patriot National Arrangement Organization, tweeted "The Saxon has awoken" and "The alt-right simply won!"

Check Dice, another unmistakable alt-right figure who depicts himself as a media investigator, kept in touch with: "I need to thank the greater part of my fans for increasing my voice amid this battle and choosing #PresidentTrump! We did it!"

Mike Cernovich, a star Trump creator, posted a clasp of Clinton supporters sobbing as the outcome was affirmed, with the message: "Cry more!"

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