US writer confronts fifth Christmas in Syrian bondage

It is exceptionally dicey that you have ever known about Austin Tice. However he is an independent writer who has been held hostage in Syria since August 2012.

Too little has been accounted for about a man who is very nearly spending his fifth Christmas in the hands of obscure captors in an obscure area in a war-torn nation.

Tice was working for the US daily paper distributer, McClatchy, when he was kidnapped. After a month, a 47-second film of him was discharged on to YouTube. Blindfolded and compelled to peruse a message in Arabic, he was generally taken care of. (Cautioning: it is aggravating to watch. His dad appropriately called it severe).

There has been no contact since from Tice or his captors. Be that as it may, two months prior, Journalists San Frontieres (RSF) refered to "differing trustworthy sources" who trust him to be alive and who additionally say he is not being held by Isis.

His circumstance continues as before, as per an instructions I got a week back as an individual from RSF's new UK counseling board.

Beside the McClatchy chain of daily papers, Tice's work has been distributed by the Washington Post, the Related Press, CBS and the BBC. His reporting has earned him a few honors.

In 2012, he won both the George Polk grant for war reporting and the McClatchy president's honor. After three years, while a hostage, he was given the US national press club John Aubuchon squeeze flexibility grant.

It was on 14 August 2012, three days after his 31st birthday, that Tice was kidnapped while get ready to go from Daraya, close Damascus, to Beirut in neighboring Lebanon.

In October 2012, the Gatekeeper reported that the US state office trusted Tice was in the guardianship of the Syrian government drove by Bashar al-Assad. At that point RSF had started helping and prompting his family keeping in mind the end goal to bring issues to light of their child's circumstance.

In February 2015, RSF propelled its #freeaustintice battle. The next month, the Gatekeeper reported that the US and Syria had gone into "uncommon direct talks" about Tice. In any case, nothing happened to the activity.

A month ago, on the Global Day to End Exemption for Wrongdoings Against Columnists, RSF sorted out the disclosing of a pennant on the exterior of the Newseum in Washington. It demonstrated a photograph of Tice with the message, "Held hostage for being a columnist since August 2012." The flag will stay set up until his sheltered return.

Jeffrey Herbst, president and CEO of the Newseum, said: "We trust this flag, unmistakably showed on Pennsylvania Road before natives and administrators alike, will bring issues to light of his imprisonment and convey him one stage nearer to home."

On the off chance that you need to participate in the crusade to free Tice, please sign the appeal, which is tended to President Barack Obama, and promise, an image of Austin's seizing.

To take an interest, individuals can take photographs of themselves blindfolded and post them via web-based networking media outlets with a clarification of why you are doing as such: to bring issues to light of Tice's snatching and to call for any individual who may check to get weight to shoulder request to impact his discharge.

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